/MOECC ignored resistance

MOECC ignored resistance

To the Editor

I am a property owner along Highway 118 near the 25th Line.

Over the last couple of years the MOECC approved an application to establish a hauled sewage disposal site at 10538 Highway 118 in Algonquin Highlands township.

Despite widespread resistance from the property owners adjacent to the site and being in contravention to the township zoning bylaws MOECC granted approval because the “science” was right.

I have just learned that the MOECC has received an application for the expansion of the approved spreading site (from 0.85 hectares to 3.5 hectares) located at 10538 Highway 118 Lot 26 Concession 3 Stanhope Geographic Township Algonquin Highlands off the 25th Line operated by Haliburton Septic Pumping.

The MOECC previously ignored vigorous resistance from the property owners and bypassed the township in its approval. This could happen again. A review of the Hauled Sewage Act must include public opinion and input. It must not impact on municipal zoning bylaws either.

Laurie Morris

Maple Lake