/More arena talk

More arena talk

To the Editor

With all due respect to Fay Martin Anje Hilkers and others who agree with them regarding the Minden arena I would like to present my belief on the other side of the argument.

I live in Minden and I can see the arena and its parking lot from my window. I can see five to 40 cars in that lot from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on most days at most times. These cars belong to the parents of many young sons and daughters who are learning hockey skills getting exercise and hopefully learning important life skills. These same parents get hours of enjoyment watching their kids play or practice.

Some of these cars belong to parents from out of town who come to watch scheduled games. Others belong to seniors who come just because they like to watch good hockey. Still other cars belong to the parents of figure skaters there to improve their moves. Many of these cars belong to a large number of adults male and female who enjoy playing hockey themselves and are in various leagues for all ages. Or the cars belong to families who come for the enjoyment of public skating when the rink is available.

I do not play hockey I don’t play pickleball I wouldn’t use a walking track or basketball court but I do believe in the importance of physical activity for young and old. I support the Minden Hills council in their effort to make sure this town has a viable arena for many years to come. I believe our present arena has had a positive economic impact on our town for many years.

By the way if there was a pool down the road from where I live I would likely use it. But the the figures seem to indicate that such a facility is not financially feasible for our township. I don’t think a pool would bring as many people to town or get nearly the use as the planned new arena. So go for it council. Get that arena rebuilt.

Jim Hicks

Minden Hills