/Procrastination prevails

Procrastination prevails

To the Editor

On Sept. 27 I attended a meeting of the county’s joint environmental committee.

I was very impressed by the overall respect and collaboration between its members. John Smith Councillor for Dysart et al brought forward tothe agenda a request to declare a climate emergency in HaliburtonCounty. I was thrilled that there was unanimous support for this eventhough there was no formal vote. This committee has no decision-makingauthority. County Warden Liz Danielson suggested each council shouldencourage the county to declare an emergency. I had intended to sendthem a letter relaying how proud I was of their decision butprocrastination prevailed.

Dysart et al’s environment and climatechange committee quickly acted and passed a motion on Oct. 10requesting Dysart’s council to indicate to county council that theywanted a climate emergency declared. This passed but Dysart councildeferred the item at Mayor Roberts’ request pending the discussionscheduled for the next day at county council. Dysart council grantedthat.  county council at their meeting decided it was best to have aplan in place first before declaring a climate emergency. Had theydecided to strike a succinct and clear motion in favour of thisdecision Haliburton County would have stood tall with many other bravecommunities in Canada and the world.
In an open letter signed byover 11000 scientists from The Alliance of World Scientists they aretaking a stand.  “We declare … clearly and unequivocally that planetEarth is facing a climate emergency” says the letter’s openingstatement.

Alina Fisher states “People do understand (climatechange) but they don’t see how it affects them. It’s important for us as scientists to bridge that gap.” “The climate crisis is closely linkedto excessive consumption of the wealthy lifestyle” it says. “We mustchange how we live.”
Energy sources must move beyond carbon. Diets must include less meat.
“Excessive extraction of materials and overexploitation of ecosystems driven byeconomic growth must be quickly curtailed … We must protect andrestore Earth’s ecosystems.”

Emma Lim an activist from #NoFutureNoChildren states “It is easier to bear the pain of not having childrenthan it is to bear the pain of not being able to protect them.”

There is no time for procrastination citizens of Haliburton County.
We need county council to take action now to take a stand for our/yourfuture children and our global community to declare Haliburton County aleader in climate emergency. The plan I feel can then move forward withthe assistance of the new climate change co-ordinator and council.

Bonnie Roe
Ritchie Falls