/Local runners shine at cross-country
Archie Stouffer Elementary School's Zachary Prentice who finished 20th in a field of 46 runners races. /DARREN LUM Staff

Local runners shine at cross-country

Results from the J. Douglas Hodgson Elementary School Haliburton County Cross-Country Meet

Primary girls (top five for local schools)

SBES Annika Gervais 1st

SBES Alexis Dacey 2nd

SBES Alivia Brown 3rd

SBES Veronica Heasman 4th

SBES Paxton Anderson 8th

Primary boys

SBES Tristan Leslie 3rd

SBES Deagan Davison 5th

ASES Jadyn Hamilton 6th

SBES Easton Burk 7th

SBES Lincoln Brown 8th

Junior girls

JDHES Tate Itani-Smith 1st

JDHES Cheynenne Degeer 2nd

JDHES Abby Schreiber-Newlove 3rd

JDHES Hannah Sharp 5th

ASES Jocelyn Thompson 12th

Junior boys

ASES Cole Hamilton 2nd

JDHES Graeme Armstrong 3nd

JDHES Addison Carr 4th

JDHES Ty Rupnow 5th

JDHES Brechin Johnson 6th

Intermediate girls

JDHES Campbell Itani-Smith 1st

JDHES Sophie Longo 2nd

JDHES Breezy Schreiber-Newlove 4th

ASES Charlotte Moynes 5th

JDHES Emmerson Wilson 6th

Intermediate boys

JDHES Evan Armstrong 1st

JDHES Lucas Penney 2nd

ASES Taylor Sharpless 4th

ASES Austin Boylan 7th

WES Dakota DeSousa 8th

Senior girls

ASES Emma Tidey 1nd

ASES Brooke Stover 2nd

ASES Ava Smith 3rd

JDHES Olivia Villamere 8th

JDHES Ryanne Horsley 14th

Senior boys

JDHES Nick Phippen5th

JDHES Logan Bird 10nd

ASES Darian Maddock 11th

JDHES Aiden Hill 12th

JDHES Ben Robinson13th