/Robinson’s back in business

Robinson’s back in business

By Emily Stonehouse

The iconic Robinson’s General Store in the heart of Dorset will once again be opening its doors. 

Joanne Robinson, the former owner of the business, took to the official Dorset public Facebook page on March 24 to deliver the news. The Robinson family had owned the establishment for 100 years, from 1921 to 2021, when it was sold to Mike and Katie Hinbest. The couple ran into financial difficulties early into ownership, and as of January 8, 2023, the building was closed indefinitely. 

“We were, like all of you, disappointed and devastated when we learned that our beloved Robinson’s General Store closed in January,” shared Robinson in her public statement on Facebook. “Since then, we have been working hard in the background to find a solution to allow the business to re-open.”

With the closure of the store, many were left without access to basic necessities in the Dorset area. “We understand the inconvenience this closure has caused the community and we thank you for your patience during this difficult time,” said Robinson. 

She took to the social media platform to introduce a new family in the ownership of Robinson’s, led by brothers Ven Komina and Satya Jyesta, who will be assuming all operations moving forward. 

Robinson noted that the brothers intend to open the doors in early April, based on the needs of the surrounding community. While the business will be open, she shared that the overall operations will take “weeks and months” to complete. In the post, she requested that the public be patient and supportive during the time of transition. 

“We look forward to the community welcoming the new people and giving them all the support they need to allow the store to thrive again.” concluded Robinson in the public statement. 

The post garnered over 800 likes and nearly 400 shares across the platform, with well-wishes streaming in from Facebook users.