/AH collecting comments on short-term rentals 

AH collecting comments on short-term rentals 

By Chad Ingram

The Township ofAlgonquin Highlands is currently accepting comments on potentialregulations for short-term rentals in the municipality from residentswith the deadline for those submissions Aug. 31.

As previouslyreported during a July meeting Algonquin Highlands council had adiscussion where they agreed they would explore the creation ofregulatory framework for short-term rentals within the township. Somemunicipalities have such policies in place whereby owners of short-term rentals must register with the municipality pay a licensing fee andare subject to certain rules with a demerit point system in place insome instances.

“Submissions should outline pros cons impacts orbenefits of short-term rentals from a planning and regulatoryperspective” reads a release from the township adding this couldinclude points such as increased accommodation options for visitors;additional income for property owners; benefits to the tourism sector;environmental issues including lake health; parking; noise; buildingcode and safety issues; landfill use etc.

“While examples insupport or opposition [may] be included in any submission complaintsregarding specific incidents with existing rental properties that require action should be directed to the bylaw department” the release reads.It also specifies that submissions will be accepted from AlgonquinHighlands residents only and that all submissions require a name andaddress to be attached to them. Submissions will be made available forreview by council.

Residents wishing to make a submission are asked to email them to the township’s planner at STR@algonquinhighlands.ca by Aug. 31.
Residents are also encouraged to read staff reports regarding short-term rentals which can be found on the township’s website at https://www. algonquinhighlands.ca/ residents/shorttermrentals.php