/AH invites public to participate

AH invites public to participate

The township of Algonquin Highlands is providing an opportunity for the public to have its say with its launch of Let’s Connect Algonquin Highlands – its new public engagement platform. 

Let’s Connect Algonquin Highlands is a multi-faceted portal the township will use to consult and communicate with residents and community members on a variety of issues on an ongoing basis. It offers an opportunity for members of the public to share their ideas, concerns and opinions directly with the township through tools like polls and surveys, with that feedback helping to inform decision-making and policy, and to shape the future of the community. 

“We’re excited to launch this more robust way of engaging with the community,” Mayor Carol Moffatt said. “We’ve had a lot of success with social media over the years but this is very different and will allow a more focused and issue-specific way for the public to participate in local government. Council already has a myriad of ideas for this portal and we’re just getting started. I’d encourage folks to sign up and stay tuned as this exciting new platform evolves.” 

Currently active on the site are the township’s zoning by-law update – with discussions around cannabis cultivation, backyard hens, backyard beekeeping, septic system setbacks and much more – and a public survey seeking input that will be used in the creation of a new municipal communications plan for the township. You can explore the site and join the conversation at letsconnectalgonquinhighlands.ca.