/Community arts workshops coming soon

Community arts workshops coming soon

The call has just gone out for Arts Council – Haliburton Highlands (ACHH) members working in the arts and crafts who have a passion for their medium, have developed their skills and would like to share that passion and skill in the form of a two and a half to three-hour community arts workshop.

The Arts Council and their hard-working Artist in the Schools and Community Committee is initiating a new project which will see up to 16 art workshops offered to community members of the Highlands to bring some light and learning to 2022. 

“We see this as a community project that brings people together to learn a new skill and enjoy the much-missed opportunity to be out with others,” committee member Chris Lynd said. The committee is planning for in-person workshops this spring (mid-March to May). The number of participants will be small and all existing COVID protocols will be adhered to.

The workshops will be for people interested in learning new techniques or just having fun with art and craft. The hope is to offer a range of workshops geared to everyone from other artists to hobbyists and novices and to include programs for all ages. The workshops will be presented in various locations across the county in order to reach as many people as possible. 

This community building project has been made possible by generous donations from the Rotary Club of Haliburton, the Kennisis Lake Art on the Dock project and ACHH.

If you are an artist or a craftsperson who enjoys sharing your passion with others and would be interested in facilitating a community based workshop, the Artist in the Schools and Community Committee would love to hear from you.

For more information, please contact Lesley English or Chris Lynd at: commworkshopcoordinator@gmail.com or chrislynd51@gmail.com.