/Fraudsters aim to rip off flood victims 

Fraudsters aim to rip off flood victims 

By Robert Mackenzie

Published May 25 2017

As flooding in the county begins to dry up the Ontario Provincial Police are warning residents cottagers and business owners against “flood fraudsters” who may be looking to cash in on the damage.

In a press release the OPP warned property owners to be aware of fraud artists who could attempt to scam locals by trying to raise donations for a fake charity or by going door-to-door soliciting phony services and products.
In order to prevent these types of scams the OPP urges those in the county to be careful if any unfamiliar charity contacts you and to get the exact name of the charity search the Canada Revenue Agency database for any registered charities and never give out personal banking information over the phone to a charity unless you placed the call.

The release also advises locals to ask for identification of anyone claiming to be associated with your insurance company a building inspector or any other authority along with getting multiple quotes from reputable businesses before paying any contractors.
The OPP also warned against fraudulent water treatment and purification products and services.
Local utility companies municipalities government agencies and regulatory organizations don’t send salespeople door-to-door so the OPP recommends getting the name photo ID and business of any salesperson selling these products along with making sure the company name on any cards or promotional materials matches with the name on any contract you may consider signing.

Residents can contact their township office for more disaster relief information and can contact local police Crime Stoppers the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or the OPP if they or someone they know suspects they’ve been a victim of fraud or online crime.