/Greer to continue mental health awareness campaign at nationals
Jordyn Greer wore her Kindness Matters T-shirt in the competition. She said she wants to help make a difference.

Greer to continue mental health awareness campaign at nationals

By Nate Smelle

Special to the Times

Published May 10 2018

Having only recently returned home from the 13th annual Miss North Ontario 2018 pageant in Sudbury Minden’s Jordyn Greer is already aspiring to reach a new goal.

Placing in the top 10 out of the 31 contestants from throughout northern Ontario Greer was also selected along with five other young women as a national finalist for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant being held this August in Toronto.

While at the pageant in Sudbury Greer took part in several workshops focused on promoting positive body image; dealing with stress and finances; exercise; confidence; public speaking and laughing yoga. Describing the experience as “life-changing” the 18-year-old high school graduate said she was moved by how welcoming and supportive her fellow contestants were.

“It was such a cool atmosphere where everyone was so positive so loving and accepting” Greer said.

“I was the second girl who showed up on the first morning and the first girl there ran out and hugged me and grabbed stuff from my car and helped me bring it inside. It was so welcoming.”

Greer and the other contestants also took part in another interesting group activity called Essence. During this session she said all the contestants sat down in a circle in the dark with candles burning passing around a microphone and sharing stories from their own lives. When it was her turn with the microphone Greer said she shared her struggles. The most important lesson she said she learned from the experience was that everyone has a purpose.

“There were so many girls that had stories that were similar to mine and so many stories that were different from mine as well” Greer said.

“It was saddening but also cool to see how everyone else had been impacted; and that we were all there together at Miss North Ontario for a reason. Everyone there was so passionate about making a positive change in the world.”

A passionate advocate for mental health awareness Greer is striving to be the change she wants to see in her community and the world.

As a victim of bullying and someone who understands how a simple act of kindness can help someone who is having a bad day Greer made a bold fashion choice during the competition. Asked to choose an outfit that was pink black and white Greer unlike the rest of the contestants who chose a fancy outfit decided to put a T-shirt with the words “Kindness Matters” on the front.

“One of the reason that I am doing all this is to understand who I am as a person inside and out” said Greer.

“Also to put myself out there to reach bigger crowds of people in relation to what I want to do – help people.”

In order to participate in the nationals Greer said she needs to raise $3000 to cover travel costs and pageant expenses. She is currently in the process of creating a new GoFundMe page which will soon be accessible online. In the meantime she said anyone who would like to donate can contact her directly at 705-306-3350; or by email at jordynrox@live.com.