/Highlands Christmas Shindig is back
Robin Duke, who acted as Wendy Kurtz from the Schitt’s Creek television show, shows how her “pashmona” wrap can be used in the case of an “accident” at the Annual Highlands Christmas Shindig in 2021. /FILE

Highlands Christmas Shindig is back

By Jerelyn Craden

The show must go on, and it did, and it will again on Saturday, Dec. 3, at the Northern Lights Pavilion! Now in its ninth year, Fuel for Warmth’s signature community fundraiser – Highlands Christmas Shindig – has defied being shutdown by the pandemic for two years in a row with live-streaming of the event, raising $45,000 last year which helped to heat the homes of Haliburton residents in need. This year, with rising inflation, the need is even greater.
The brain child of past Highlander of the Year Mike Jaycock, and his exuberant Canoe FM on-air co-host Lorraine McNeil, (who has since passed away), brought to life the Shindig’s engaging hosts, Dame Beatrice (Jaycock), and Elf (McNeil), with the assistance of Sir Cedric (Jaycock’s brother, Peter).
This year the baton is being passed to two new Shindig co-hosts: the ever-handy Marple Syrup (Victoria Bingham) and the super organized/always on schedule, Patsy Pine (Amy Brohm).
“Fuel for Warmth (FFW) is a great cause and we’re excited to be hosting this year,” Bingham said. “We have a whole team of volunteers who have been working behind the scenes: David and Betty Mills, Sean Pennylegion, Heather Smith, Jack Brezina, Jennifer Hughey, Sue Waite, Barb Murphy, Mark Tomlinson, Tammy Rae, and Jim Love, with additional transitional support from Mike Jaycock, Joanne Barnes, and Lorne McNeil.”

Shindig’s great entertainment lineup

Bingham excitedly shared the list of this year’s Shindig acts. “Classic rock musician and performer, Jeff Moulton and Dan O’Neill with special guest Doug Hall. A skit from the Rural Roques featuring Kate Butler and David Zilstra. Two excerpts from The Nutcracker performed by the Skyline Dance Studio, Melissa Stephens and Tom Regina. The Recycled Teenagers: Drew Allen Jodi Timgren and guests. And, the ever-popular, Gord Kidd & Friends.”

Shindig’s great raffle prizes

You won’t want to miss out on your chance to win some great prizes donated by the following local businesses: Abbey Gardens, Wintergreen Pancake and Maple Syrup Barn, Wind in the Willows Spa, Rails End Gallery, Haliburton Highlands Brewery, HaliUkes, Miners Bay Lodge, the Canopy Tour from Haliburton Forest, Folk Society, Highlands Summer Festival and the Wine Store. $10 for a strip of 12 raffle tickets or 3 strips for $20.

Fuel for Warmth also passes the baton
Taking the reigns this past summer as Executive Director of FFW from its founder, Joanne Barnes – Jennifer Hughey said: “It was a great opportunity to give back to the community and to the county as a whole. The need in Haliburton County compared to other areas in Ontario is substantially greater when it comes to affordable or attainable housing as well as individuals who have to make hard choices at the end of the month when it comes to their bills and basic necessities like groceries, fuel for their vehicle and heat for their home. We are hoping to raise the same amount as last year, if not more, considering that the need is greater than it has been in the past.”
As early as last September, FFW began receiving inquiries for aid. “There are a lot of new people in need, with small families and young children,” Hughey said. “The Shindig is a great way to help support the community and have a great night out.”

Shindig tickets
Tickets are $30 and can be purchased in person at Up River Trading Company in Minden or Haliburton, or call Betty at 705-457-1354.
Contact information for Fuel for Warmth is on their website: fuelforwarmth.com or email fuelforwarmthincorporated@gmail.com or phone 705-854-9208.