/Local instrumental bands welcome newcomers
Glen Scott conducts the Highlands Concert band on Fridays at Lakeside Baptist Church in Haliburton. /VIVIAN COLLINGS Staff

Local instrumental bands welcome newcomers

By Vivian Collings
Musicians in the Haliburton Highlands have a compilation of euphonious bands to choose to join in harmony with.
If you play an instrument, the Highlands Swing Band, Highlands Chamber Orchestra, Highlands Wind Symphony, and the Highlands Concert Band would like to welcome you to join them in their weekly practices of a wide variety of music from classical, musicals, to movie scores.
“We are welcoming anyone who plays an instrument or instruments to come out and have some fun,” said Lorie Reddering, co-conductor of Highlands Wind Symphony and former music teacher at both JD Hodgson and Archie Stouffer Elementary Schools.
Each band is accepting new members of any age, and encourage youth and young adults to come out as well.
“There are no instrumental music program in our local schools this year other than guitar class in the high school, so it would be great to have young people come out to play with us since they aren’t able to at school,” Reddering said.
The groups practice with COVID-19 safety as a top priority in both Lakeside Baptist Church and the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavillion in Haliburton.

Trumpets played in unison while practicing with the Highlands Concert Band on Friday, Sept. 23 at Lakeside Baptist Church. /VIVIAN COLLINGS Staff

There is no fee to be part of any of the bands.
Christmas concerts are performed each year, and these groups have been making the Highlands alive with the sound of music for close to 30 years. The Highlands Concert Band is conducted by Glen Carter, the Highlands Orchestra and Highlands Swing Band are conducted by Dan Manley, and the Highlands Wind Symphony is conducted by Carter, Manley, and Reddering.
If you are interested in joining one of the local instrumental bands, contact l.reddering@gmail.com, glencarter1079@gmail.com, or daniel@manley.name.
“Music is important in people’s lives. It’s so fun to get together and create beautiful music in a room of others who love it as much as you do,” Reddering said.