/Ministry of labour investigation continues  

Ministry of labour investigation continues  

By Chad Ingram

Published Nov. 30 2017

Work continues on the Minden Hills fire hall after an incident last week where a worker fell from the roof of the building under construction along Highway 35.

The man was taken to hospital with serious injuries after trusses for the hall’s roof collapsed on the afternoon of Tuesday Nov. 21. A second construction worker who was struck by a falling truss was also taken to hospital but was uninjured.

The Ministry of Labour is investigating the incident.
“On Nov. 22 an MOL inspector and engineer attended the project to continue the investigation” reads an email from communications staff at the ministry. “The requirement issued on Nov. 21 to not disturb the scene was withdrawn. One additional order and one requirement were issued regarding damaged scaffold (complied with) and documentation (in process). As of Nov. 27 all orders and requirements have been complied with and our investigation is ongoing.”

Minden Hills Mayor Brent Devolin said the incident will mean a delay on the project.
“The reality is they’ll have to order new trusses” Devolin told the paper. The cost for the material will be the responsiblity of the company not the township.
“I’d expect weeks not months” Devolin said regarding the time delay but said he’d have a better idea on timelines following his next meeting with the Greystone management group.
The project was scheduled to be completed about March so it’s possible the delay will push completion into April.

The paper was not able to contact Greystone before press time.