/MPP launches petition to keep court inMinden

MPP launches petition to keep court inMinden

By Jenn Watt

Published April 12 2017

Following news that the provincialoffences court in Minden would be closed from July of 2017 to July of2018 local MPP Laurie Scott has launched a petition.

Likening this decision to theprovince's announcement and subsequent backtrack on closing theService Ontario office on Highway 35 Scott called the situationgovernment “mismanagement.”

“If the Attorney General movesforward with this he will reduce access to justice for many peoplein the county” she said in a press release.

As reported previously in the MindenTimes of the 48 justice of the peace positions in the Central Eastregion 12 seats are vacant and another three justices are onlong-term leave.

The ministry told the paper thatrecruitment is underway.

Haliburton County council was advisedthat due to the shortage courts had been experiencing closuresthroughout the region.

Scott said closure of the Minden courtwould hurt the local economy and put undue hardship on those needingto travel to court who will have to go to Lindsay some 75kilometres south of Minden.

You can view and sign the petitiononline at lauriescott.com .