/No ball for Minden youth this summer
Organizers of the Minden Minor Baseball League Tammy and Craig Smith are saddened about cancelling this year's season as the result of safety measures for reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Later ths year if safe the league is looking to hold informally held games and instruction on Monday evenings./DARREN LUM Staff

No ball for Minden youth this summer

By Darren Lum

Like much of everything this year the Minden Minor Baseball League’s 2020 season has been officially cancelled.

Organizers Tammy and Craig Smith made the official announcement on May 25 throughthe league’s Facebook page calling it a “sad day for MMBL.”
“Eventhough the full season won’t happen we have made plans that if and when the social distancing ban is lifted we are going to offer Monday nightMMBL fun nights pay as you go: games skills practices and anythingelse we can do to keep the kiddos into baseball and to keep active. Wewill be contacting players’ parents and sponsors about refunds by emailshortly” Tammy wrote on Facebook. “Stay safe and know that we are herefor you all and will do what we can when we can.”

Before their announcement there was hope for a season.
Registration was performed online this year and there were 35 children signed up toplay this season. During past years the league has included children as young as three up to youth aged 17. Eight coaches and upwards of 12assistants were also committed to assist the league for the seasonbefore it was cancelled. The league’s season also included the DawsonHamilton Memorial Tournament and an end-of-year barbecue.
The Smiths have been helping run the league for close to a dozen years butofficially assumed control of youth league and made the league anot-for-profit taking over from the Minden Hills Township in 2018.
It’s always been an effort rooted in passion for the Minden couple who love the game of baseball and wanted to share their passion for the gamewith the community’s youth. The league encouraged teamwork and fairplay.

The couple apologize for cancelling the season.

We want toexpress how sorry we are and we don’t like feeling like we’re lettingthe kids down because that’s what we’re here for is to help out thekids keep them active and enjoy the wonderful game of baseball” shewrote. “We would like to thank everyone who signed up and our sponsorsand of course the volunteers without their dedication we do not have aleague  and we hope that if social distancing becomes a thing in ourpast that we can call on the volunteers and sponsors once again toassist us in making something happen for the kids. We hope everyonestays safe and healthy and we will have a great league again for the2021 season.”