/UFO’s landing at the Cultural Centre
The UnFinished Object (UFO) group meets the third Friday of every month at the Minden Hills Cultural Centre to complete a variety of artistic tasks and projects together. for more information, check out www.mindenhills.ca or call (705) 286-3763. /EMILY STONEHOUSE Staff

UFO’s landing at the Cultural Centre

By Emily Stonehouse
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh, no, it’s actually that unfinished art project that’s been collecting dust for years.
If you are someone who dabbles in the creative world but lacks the initiative to follow through with a project, then you are not alone, and this is the group for you.
UFO stands for the UnFinished Objects Group, and allows the opportunity for like-minded individuals to get together and explore their artistic endeavours, while simultaneously encouraging them to complete the art projects that have been started, but never completed.
“It’s a great chance to get involved in the community,” said Nadine Papp, Minden Hills Cultural Centre staff and regular facilitator and participant in the UFO gatherings. “There’s always room for more to join!”
Beyond adding some incentive for crafters to complete their projects, the UFO meetings also provide participants with the opportunity to make some new friends, learn tips and tricks from others, and engage in some lively conversation.
“These past few years have been tough on a lot of people,” Papp said. “UFO prevents hermitism.”
Papp is referring to the isolation and social withdrawals many practised – even subconsciously – throughout the pandemic.
While the UFO group did meet regularly over Zoom throughout the pandemic, Papp acknowledges that it feels nice to be able to safely meet in-person once again.
“I know lots of crafts have been started over the past few years,” she smiles. “So, feel free to bring them all along!”

The UnFinished Object (UFO) group socializes and work on their own creative work. For more information, check out www.mindenhills.ca or call (705) 286-3763.

Traditionally, the UFO group has had a focus on “portable” art pieces, such as embroidery, knitting, crocheting, or quilting. While the group originated with a textile-based focus, all art forms are welcomed and encouraged.
Participating in UFO also provides attendees to check out the rest of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre space. This includes the historic village and the Minden Hills Museum, Nature’s Place, the Agnes Jamieson Art Gallery, and the Minden Hills Branch of the Haliburton County Public Library. All of these locations where there is admission is by donation, and provide a variety of displays, programs, and interactive activities for visitors to enjoy.

The UFO program runs the third Friday of each month, from 1 to 3 p.m., starting on Oct. 21 in the Welch Room of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre. For more information, check out www.mindenhills.ca or call 705-286-3763.