/When life gives you apples … make apple sauce
Volunteers Cathy McIlmurray, from left, Bill Gliddon and Jennifer Christian are standing together to help with this year’s Apple Sauce Project effort, as seen in front of an apple treet at the Haliburton property owned by Jim and Glenda Burk. McIlmurray, who has been helping with the project to process the donated apples from around the community into apple sauce for more than 15 years has already started to work with volunteers such as Christian, a relative new volunteer at close to two years. As part of the effort, collection is being performed by volunteers around the Highlands such as Gliddon. /DARREN LUM Staff

When life gives you apples … make apple sauce

Apple Sauce Project returns to Haliburton County

By Angelica Blenich
It’s that time of year again when the apples are ripe and falling from the trees—perfect for apple sauce!
The Apple Sauce Project turns unused apples from local trees into apple sauce, which is then frozen and distributed to seniors and families throughout the county. The project is a great example of ensuring everyone in our community has access to fresh, local and nutritious food.
If you have apple trees, and are not sure what to do with all those apples, consider donating them to the Apple Sauce Project. You can drop off your picked apples to SIRCH Bistro & Marketplace at 49 Maple Ave., Haliburton on Friday, September 24 between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. A few days later, Community Kitchen volunteers will wash, peel, and make delicious applesauce from scratch.
“Usually a number of members of FoodNet participate in the Applesauce Project, said Gena Robertson, Executive Director of SIRCH Community Services, “But this year, as we didn’t know what COVID protocols would be in place and as we are also stretched, we just decided to do our own small part rather than try to coordinate a bigger event. Those servings of fruit makes a difference to those who can’t afford fresh fruit or who simply can’t get out to get it. All applesauce will be given out free through our Community Kitchen program.”

The contributions to The Apple Sauce Project all add up.

This initiative proves even a small apple can make a big difference. The prepared servings of apple sauce help ensure food security to those who are vulnerable, particularly in the harsh fall and winter months.
For more information visit www.sirch.on.ca or call 705-457-1742