/Yes it is illegal to drink on an inflatable 

Yes it is illegal to drink on an inflatable 

While sipping a beverage of choice while taking a lazy-river meander on an inflatable raft or tube during a sunny summer afternoon may be a preferred activity for some residents may want to be aware that consuming alcohol on a floatie of any kind is technically illegal.

“Yes they are a human-powered vessel” Const. Tim Negus of the Haliburton Highlands OPP told the paper regarding floating rafts inner tubes etc. and yes consuming a beer while floating on one while out in a lake or river is against the law.

“The provisions under the Liquor License Act would apply” Negus explains adding section 31 (2) – having open alcohol/consuming alcohol in other than a licensed premise residence or private place – carries a fine of $125.

“Yes police do lay charges for these offences” he adds.