/Are left turn signals always necessary?

Are left turn signals always necessary?

To the Editor

I’m never in much of a hurry so I have lots of time to think of these minor annoyances.

Why are the three stop lights on Highway 35 set up with left hand turn signals?

I can’t imagine it’s a safety issue. The highway is straight and level for a good kilometre in either direction. The traffic volume is so normally low it doesn’t warrant those left hand only robots. I paid attention these past few long weekends. Even at the busiest times on the busiest days on the busiest weekends the left hand turn signals were not necessary for either safety or courtesy.

I wonder whether this is a municipal issue or a provincial issue? Somebody ought to initiate a discussion with the people that could consider the value of these ridiculous robots.

This is such a minor matter that it will likely never be addressed by anyone and even if it was decision makers would be worried about possible repercussions of change and take the safe route and simply dismiss the need for a change.

The consequence will be 1000s of frustrated motorists each year. No big deal? I guess.

Jim Aston