/Where did these orders come from?

Where did these orders come from?

To the Editor,

Well, hey, everybody that has been following the problems at the Murdoch Road access to Gull Lake for the last three years will know what I’m talking about.

On Jan. 12, I was headed out to my hut to go ice fishing on Gull Lake. I access the lake at the end of the Murdoch Road, on a public access like I’ve done for the past 40 years. To my surprise they were three Township of Minden Hills vehicles and five employees unloading and setting up large barrier concrete blocks to the block public access.

After speaking to these township employees, they informed me that they were told by higher ups this was a closed access and they were ordered to block it off.
If council members did not take this action then who did?
Where did these orders come from?

Dave Pettes
Jeff (Boomer) Stamp