/Skating through time
Amelia Rowden circles the ice during the grand finale. SUE TIFFIN Staff

Skating through time

By Sue Tiffin

Published April 13 2017

S.G. Nesbitt arena was packed with family and friends of the Minden Skating Club members for the Travel in Time year-end skating festival on April 9.

“The people were parking way down the road” said Sue Collings club president.

Almost 100 skaters showcased their skills decorated in costumes depicting different times in history. Dinosaurs from the Jurassic era witches from the 1600s – even robots from the future – took to the ice for the crowds.

“The kids had a blast and that’s what it’s all about” said Collings. “To make sure they enjoy their time have fun and show off what they’ve learned during the year.”

A summer skate program might happen in July at the A.J. LaRue arena in Haliburton depending on registration numbers. Otherwise skaters will take a break until registration for the 2017-2018 year in September.