/Canoe FM welcomes community recordings
The Open House was a highly successful event that allowed the volunteers at Canoe FM to show off their new recording capabilities.

Canoe FM welcomes community recordings

by Thomas Smith

“It’s about giving people the opportunity who thought, ‘well, I’d really like to get recording’ and they just don’t know where to go,” says Laurie Sweig, volunteer for Canoe FM.

The Canoe FM Radio Station had an Open House this weekend to highlight their new recording space.

For those interested in using the radio station’s recording space, there will be a pre-recording meeting to establish expectations for your project and set up the proper equipment. Services include recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. Afterwards, an .mp3, .wav, or Logic will be provided. There is a minimum donation required of $20 per hour.

Only original music recorded at the station will be available to play on the radio, as well as requested by the public.

All of the volunteers at Canoe FM are extremely passionate about music and have the training for their equipment to meet people’s needs, says Roxanne Casey, Station Manager.

While they doubt Taylor Swift would make the trek to Haliburton, they are very open to her using the recording studio, says Casey and Sweig.

“Music is magic and it’s great medicine. So the more that you’re around it, I believe, the healthier you are,” says Sweig, “it’s hitting parts of your brain that otherwise don’t get stimulated.”