/Auction fundraiser to help injured wildlife

Auction fundraiser to help injured wildlife

The year 2020 has been incredibly busy for all of us at Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Minden Hills, with more than 700 animal intakes already. Every year sees a significant increase as people become familiar with the sanctuary’s compassionate care for all the sick, orphaned, and injured animals.

Over half of our patients this year were birds, including orphaned songbirds, waterfowl with broken beaks, wings or legs, woodpeckers, hawks and owls, turkey vultures and even injured and abandoned bald eagles. They kept us fluttering all day and well into the night, with their demanding feeding schedules and intensive care. Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers. We couldn’t do it without them, and survived the hectic spring and summer months because of their commitment to the sanctuary and their loving care to all the wild ones.

One of our memorable animals this year was a baby wild turkey with two broken legs. How it happened, we do not know but we never imagined that he would recover. After several months of medications and hands-on rehabilitation, we were ecstatic to see him standing, and just recently released him into a wild flock of turkeys. He was accepted right away and was as excited to be free as we were to see him go. Absolutely heart-warming for us all.

The costs of rehabilitating wildlife is not supported by the government or any of its agencies. As a volunteer-based charity, we need to raise our own funds to care for the vast range of animals we admit into care. They require specialty formulas and species-specific diets, and many need fresh raw foods. Their health and well-being while in our care is our top priority. Medical procedures, medical supplies and suitable indoor and outdoor enclosures with enough space are costly.

COVID-19 has made our fundraising efforts even more challenging this year. Even though the number of animals greatly increased, our financial support did not, and we need to replenish our resources. We invite you to our 2020 online auction, where you can “Bid Wild 4 Wildlife” and win some amazing items for yourself or as a gift for that someone special. Hundreds of unique items are up for grabs at low starting bids, all donated by our local artists, merchants and our supporters.

The auction runs from Nov. 20 to 29, but you can register now at www.BiddingOwl.com/WWS.

Please mark these dates on your calendar and show your support. Help WWS save and rehabilitate orphaned, sick and injured wildlife.
For additional information about our sanctuary, visit our website at www.woodlandswildlifesanctuary.ca.
Looking forward to seeing you bidding wildly on the amazing items in the Bid Wild 4 Wildlife auction.

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