/Councillors concerned about solar proposal 

Councillors concerned about solar proposal 

By Chad Ingram

Published Nov. 23 2017

A Toronto-based company has plans for a ground-mounted solar power facility that could occupy up to nearly 7.5 acres near Boshkung Lake.

Councillors received notice of a proposal for the facility which would be located near Highway 35 and across the highway from the lake.
The process for the establishment of solar projects is overseen by the province leaving municipalities essentially powerless.

Council has requested the company called Highlands Solar Projects LP and registered at an address on Spadina Avenue in Toronto consult people in the area and regulations specify the applicant must distribute notices to all adjacent property owners.

Township planner Sean O’Callaghan had contacted the company which he said promised mail-outs would be sent last week.
O’Callaghan pointed out there is no appeal process for municipalities in these situations.
“So there’s not much we can do about that” he said.

“You could have an awful lot of extremely unhappy people” said Mayor Carol Moffatt noting it seemed possible the proposed facility could be visible from some areas of the lake.

“The [vegetative] buffers that are required take so long to grow” said Councillor Brian Lynch.

“We have rolling landscape here” Moffatt said. “It’s just frustrating. Can we receive it as information and potential angst?”

The notice reads that anyone with concerns about the project can contact Ahmad Antar at (416)-304-9052 or a.antar@soventix.ca.