/COVID-19 testing continues for LTC staff  

COVID-19 testing continues for LTC staff  

By Sue Tiffin

In a weekly update from Haliburton Highlands Health Services CarolynPlummer  president and CEO said all long-term care staff will betested for COVID-19 twice during the month of June under direction bythe Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

“We plan to begin thistesting on June 9 and 10 and as we did previously we will informfamilies residents and staff of any results first and then we willshare that information with the public” reads the update.
Alllong-term care residents and staff were tested for COVID-19 at HHHSfacilities as part of a directive of the Ontario government in May.

At that time Plummer said the move would identify any asymptomatic casesof the coronavirus if there are any and would contribute to the bigger picture for the province as it sought to better understand the spreadof the virus in long-term care homes. The test results at that time were negative.
Outdoor visits to begin

Highland Wood and Hyland Crest residents will be welcoming guests for outdoor physically distancedvisits the first in-person visits since March when long-term carehomes closed to non-essential visitors.
“With the nicer weatherhere I’m pleased to share that Highland Wood and Hyland Crest residents have been able to get outside and enjoy some time in the gazebo areasof both homes” said Plummer. “While the provincial government continues to restrict visitors we have put up a secondary fence to allow foroutdoor visits to take place so long as they follow the Ministry ofHealth and Long-Term Care and Public Health Unit directives of beingphysically distanced by at least six feet. Families are being encouraged to schedule a time for an outdoor visit with staff and we expect there will be many visits happening soon.”
Activities continue at Hyland Crest Highland Wood

Painted lady butterflies raised at both Hyland Crest and Highland Woodlong-term care homes are currently in the process of hatching. Amemorial release of the butterflies performed by staff in recognition of residents who have passed away this year will happen once thebutterflies are ready.
Gardens at both Hyland Crest and HighlandWood long-term care facilities have been maintained and “are lookingbeautiful” reported Plummer.
“Staff have helped to plant plenty of vegetables for residents to nurture over the summer months and thenenjoy eating at harvest time” she said.