/Farmers’ market returns to Stanhope 
The Haliburton County Farmers’ Market will return to North Shore Road this summer. /File photo

Farmers’ market returns to Stanhope 

By Chad Ingram 

The Haliburton County Farmers’ Market will set up shop along North Shore Road in Stanhope again this summer. 
Stanley and Gus Janco of the market association visited Algonquin
Highlands councillors during their April 4 meeting, requesting
permission to again use township property along North Shore Road for the
hosting of markets on Friday afternoons this summer. 
the market association, which also hosts markets in Minden and
Haliburton Village, once had a Friday market in Carnarvon, it was moved
to Stanhope in 2017. The other two markets are able to support traffic
from May into the fall, however, Stanley said the Stanhope market does
best through the peak summer season. 
“Plus, it’s a new market,” he said. “It’s only been two years.” 
the Stanhope market brings in less revenue than the other two markets –
last year it had $122,000 in sales, compared to $260,000 in sales in
Haliburton – Stanley noted that, “This market generated more dollars per
patron than the other markets.”
is strong patron and customer loyalty, and while last year the Stanhope
market had 24 vendors, this year the plan is for 26, with a total of 32
“We have done polling with our vendors, and they definitely want to stay here,” Stanley said. 
Councillors were extremely supportive of the market’s return. 
can certainly use our social media channels to continue to grow the
market,” said Mayor Carol Moffatt, who noted the Stanhope Museum has
begun opening on Fridays during the summer, as the market generates some
walk-in traffic. 
“We love what you’re doing, glad you want to come back,” said Deputy Mayor and Haliburton County Warden Liz Danielsen. 
The market will run Fridays from June 21 to Aug. 30, noon until 4 p.m.