/Fire department contains gas leak on Gull River 

Fire department contains gas leak on Gull River 

The Minden Hills fire department contained a small gas leak into the Gull River on the afternoon of Sunday July 29.

Chief Mike Bekking told the paper the department received the call about 2:15 p.m. for a fuel leak from a tank at a commercial property along the river.

“That small leak was contained” Bekking said adding that the tank was subsequently drained and is no longer in use.

“Booms and absorbent material were laid” Bekking continued explaining that the small amount of gas that had made its way into the river through a culvert was absorbed.

“There was nothing downstream” Bekking said.

The Ministry of Environment has attended the site.

“Both us and the ministry are satisfied it is safe to swim in” Bekking said.

As a precaution swimmers and tubers were told to evacuate the river on Sunday afternoon.

At Minden River Run the tube rental company operating out of Rotary Park tubers were told to get out of the river and company shut down for the day.

“They had to get everybody out of the river because there was some kind of fuel leak” Barb McCallum of Minden River Run told the paper explaining their customers that afternoon were given their money back and free passes for next time.