/Fire Prevention Week is about education

Fire Prevention Week is about education

By Vivian Collings

Fire Prevention Week this year is all about planning ahead for the worst-case scenario to ensure the best possible outcome.
It started Sunday, Oct. 9 and ends Saturday, Oct. 15, and this year’s theme is, “Fire won’t wait, plan your escape,” according to the Canadian Armed Forces fire marshal.
“Dysart will be promoting home fire escape planning. Have a plan, practice it, know your meeting place and have a 72 hour kit ready for any emergency,” said Dysart et al interim fire chief Dan Chumbley.
The Canadian Red Cross recommends that a 72 hour emergency kit should include water, non-perishable food, necessary medication, important family documents, a copy of your emergency plan, a flashlight with extra batteries, spare keys, a first aid kit, money, hygiene items, pet food, and an extra phone.
The Minden Hills fire department will be out in the community for Fire Prevention Week to educate businesses and the public about fire safety.
“With this year’s theme, we really want to encourage the public to sit down with their family members, co-workers, neighbours, and friends to plan safe escape plans in case of a fire and to practice those plans,” said Minden Hills fire chief Shain Duda.

From a statement by the Canadian Armed Forces Fire Marshal, working together with those you live and work with is key to be prepared for a fire in your home or workplace.
“During fire prevention week, everyone is encouraged to team up with family to complete a fire safety inspection of your home, spotting potential dangers, and developing and practicing a fire escape plan in order to be prepared to react correctly if a fire strikes,” read the statement.
Chumbley said autumn is an important time of year to focus on fire prevention and to be reminded of safety tips.
“We are at the time of year where people are starting up fires to warm their homes. We would like to remind them to use safe practices around fireplaces and woodstoves, including proper cleaning and disposal of ashes,” he said.
Duda also said being prepared with a 72 hour emergency kit and ensuring your home or workplace is equipped with working fire alarms is a crucial part of fire safety.

Chumbley would like to remind Dysart residents that safety should always be a top priority no matter how busy life gets.
“Fire Prevention Week is important because people have busy schedules and don’t always allow time to plan ahead. We wish to remind them that safety should always come first.”
For more information about fire prevention and protection, visit www.ontario.ca/page/fire-prevention-and-protection.