/Haliburton County plans for growth

Haliburton County plans for growth

April 11 2014
By Chad Ingram

 title= According to Ontario’s finance ministry Haliburton County’s population is projected to grow by more than 4300 people between now and 2036 bringing it to approximately 21420.

This will require the construction of 1910 additional housing units.

Councillors on the planning committee reviewed the second draft of a growth management strategy for the county during an April 9 meeting.

One of the main recommendations of the strategy is that the amount of medium- and high-density housing be increased.

Currently 95 per cent of housing in the municipality – 6580 units – is comprised of the low-density variety while five per cent – 375 units – is of medium- or high-density.

Fifty-three per cent of housing in the latter category is located in Dysart el at 32 per cent in Minden Hills and 15 per cent in Highlands East.

The desired housing mix for 2036 laid out by the strategy from planning firm MHBC is 90 per cent low-density and 10 per cent medium- and high-density.

With the increased population this would mean a total of 7978 low-density and 887 medium- and high-density units.

The average household size for the county is expected to remain at 2.3 people and there is space in the county’s current settlement areas for the projected growth.

The anticipated population growth will require the creation of 1770 jobs by 2036.

It is also recommended the county include a growth management section in its official plan.