/Incoming kindergarten students introduced to school from a distance 

Incoming kindergarten students introduced to school from a distance 

By Sue Tiffin

Twenty-one of 33 registered junior kindergarten students got a look at the school they could be going to for the first time this September at the June 22 Welcome to Kindergarten “Drive About” event held at Archie Stouffer Elementary School.
The event was held outdoors, with students smiling and waving from back seats of cars to their teachers and the ASES Kindergarten team as parents and caregivers drove the future JK students through the school parking lots to give students a view of the outdoor play/learning spaces at ASES.
“We look forward to meeting the rest of the students and families when school is back in session,” said Corinne McArthur, kindergarten teacher.
Typically the event invites incoming students and parents to classrooms so new students can familiarize themselves with the school spaces, their teachers and peers prior to joining school, but the ASES Kindergarten team adapted the event due to schools being closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A WTK website, in which students can further explore their classroom, the school and meet their teacher virtually also launched on June 22. Parents of children new to ASES in September can access it at https://sites.google.com/