/Kash resident asks Minden Hills to take action on dock   

Kash resident asks Minden Hills to take action on dock   

By Chad Ingram

Published Sept. 7 2017

A Lake Kashawigamog resident is asking Minden Hills township to do something about a large dock on the lake he says violates Minden Hills bylaws.

For the past two summers Larry McLean told councillors that a large docking system has been set up between neighbouring properties along Grandview Lane the dock jutting out into the bay in front of his home.
McLean told council during its Aug. 31 meeting that township staff had inspected the situation last fall and confirmed his belief that the dock exceeded size restrictions laid out in Minden Hills bylaws.
According to McLean the dock was to be brought into compliance with township bylaws as of last October.

However he told council the unaltered dock has been placed back in the lake this summer.
What’s more McLean said the neighbouring two cottages which are rented out are advertised as being able to accommodate a collective 18 people. He said renters often operate watercraft although they appear not to know how to and that this year his pontoon boat was rammed by a boat operated by a renter.
“These people have no idea of how to manoeuvre a boat” he said adding he was glad his grandchildren weren’t swimming in the area at the time and suggesting that someone would eventually get hurt.

“We feel we are now living next to a resort and it’s not zoned commercial” McLean told councillors. He said that if the bylaw was not enforced he’s concerned other such docking systems will proliferate throughout the township.

“We thank you for your input . . . and it will be part of our deliberations as to what we do with this matter” said Reeve Brent Devolin adding that municipal process can sometimes move slowly.
The issue of short-term rentals has become a hot topic in cottage country communities during the past couple years and some municipalities are creating a process to licence and monitor private rentals.

McLean wanted to know how long it would be before the dock was dealt with.
“Bottom line what is your estimation?” he asked Devolin.

“I decline to give one sir” Devolin said.