/Kids who care invited to community giving circle 

Kids who care invited to community giving circle 

By Sue Tiffin

Published Nov. 29 2018

One hundred caring kids in Haliburton County are coming together to make a difference in the community and learn the importance of philanthropy.

In February next year 100 Kids Who Care is planning to launch a local giving circle for kids in kindergarten up to Grade 12.

The group follows successful models of Guys That Give and Women Who Care charity events throughout the world in which a group of people come together to hear about local charities nominate a winner and make a group donation pooled from individual efforts.

In adult groups generally each participant brings $100 resulting in a $10000 donation for a charity that’s raised in an hour.

100 Kids Who Care is inviting kids from throughout the county to take part with each child nominating a local charity of their choosing.

Two meetings held annually – one in the spring and one in the fall – will bring kids together with $10 each.

The top three organizations nominated will be invited to attend the meeting to present their charity to the kids and share how they would benefit from receiving a donation.

After a vote the charity that is chosen by the kids will receive a donation up to $1000 at the end of the evening.

At the next meeting the winning charity returns to present on how the donation was used and what kind of impact it made in the community.

The initiative is being organized by Cheryl Hamilton and Joleen Thomas both local moms of three.

Hamilton had been inspired by the concept and researched the idea last year while Thomas said she had been moved by her nephew’s involvement in a similar Lindsay-based group.

“I was inspired by what the message was for young people and the delivery was pretty unique” said Thomas.

When she posted on social media about the possibility of a local group bringing kids together to determine interest the response was overwhelming and helped to connect the two moms.

Though 100 Kids Who Care is coming together because of the planning of Hamilton and Thomas meetings will be entirely child-led with kids taking the lead on everything at the meetings from overseeing the registration table to hosting.

Meetings will also offer time for participants to share with their peers how they earned their $10 to contribute.

“I just love the concept of it teaching our children that they have the power to make an impact right here in our community all while learning about all the amazing local organizations” said Hamilton. “…It’s all about the kids and empowerment.”

“The community aspect of it was the biggest lure” said Thomas of her interest in organizing. “And I wanted my children to become involved staying in our own community felt better than driving to Lindsay.”

Parents and their children responding to news of the group have been thrilled with registration forms already being submitted and kids looking forward to the first meeting to get started.

Additionally the group is teaching the importance of year-round giving and has implemented the 100 minutes challenge encouraging kids to put 100 minutes of their time and energy into helping family friends or groups and organizations outside of 100 Kids Who Care meetings.

“By doing so we are learning that giving our time is equally as important as giving money” said the organizers.

The first 100 Kids Who Care meeting will be held in Minden with the community centre space rental fee being sponsored by Curry Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. The second meeting of the group will be held in a Haliburton location.

Hamilton and Thomas are not anticipating any difficulty in finding 100 kids who are wanting to get involved.

“It’s Haliburton County” said Hamilton. “We’re a community that pulls together for everything … The fact that the kids see first-hand what a huge impact their contributions will make is success in itself.”

“People are looking for ways to make a difference and to show their children and communities that working together we can accomplish great things” said Thomas.

“I’m so excited to get the ball rolling with this” said Hamilton. “Inspiring our children to make a difference and helping them grow into adults who believe they can change the world.”

The inaugural meeting of 100 Kids Who Care is scheduled for Tuesday Feb. 9 at the S.G. Nesbitt Community Centre in Minden from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult. For more information and to register in advance visit the group’s Facebook page by searching 100 Kids Who Care Haliburton County.