/Marina building collapses 

Marina building collapses 

By Chad Ingram

Published Jan. 26 2017

Marina company RPM was having an engineering assessment done on a storage facility that collapsed at its Wedgewood property last week.

Part of the roof of a boat storage building off Highway 35  near Carnarvon caved in on Wednesday Jan. 18.

“We had all the proper personnel there right away” employee Cheryl Downs told the paper adding those personnel included engineers to perform an assessment on the building.

“The racks are still intact and standing.”

From Highway 35 boats could be seen still in storage racks at either end of the building.

Downs said the building houses about 90 boats and that it was unclear what damage any of the vessels may have incurred.

Staff were not permitted in the vicinity until the engineering assessment was complete.

As for where the boats from the building will go for the remainder of the winter “we’re certainly looking at the logistics of everything” Downs said adding affected customers had been contacted.

“Our first concern was nobody was hurt. Our second concern was contacting our customers.”

Downs said marina staff know their customers by name.

“They’re not just boats” she said.

RPM also owns marinas in Haliburton Village and Coboconk.