/MP to hold referendum on update to MAID legislation

MP to hold referendum on update to MAID legislation

By Jenn Watt

Local MP Jamie Schmale is asking constituents to weigh in on Bill C-7, which changes medical assistance in dying, or MAID, legislation. The proposed revisions are in response to a court ruling that part of the legislation which required that the patient’s natural death would be “reasonably foreseeable” was unconstitutional. The government was given a deadline of Dec. 18 to change the law.

All households in the riding are to receive information in the mail in the coming weeks outlining the proposed changes and both sides of the argument, Schmale said in a press release. The ballots can be mailed back to the MP’s office or scanned and emailed. Additional ballots for those who did not receive one, are available upon request.

Schmale said the timeline before the third reading of the bill may be short and that only ballots received before the vote will be counted. He said he would vote according to the majority of ballots received.
“I encourage my constituents to return their ballot as soon as possible after they receive it,” he said. “I can only base my decision on the ballots I have received before the final vote in the House of Commons, and that could come at any t