/Peck Street project costs more than anticipated 
While Minden Hills had budgeted $220000 for the reconstruction of Peck Street the lowest bid for the job came in around $370000. CHAD INGRAM Staff

Peck Street project costs more than anticipated 

By Chad Ingram

Published March 16 2017

The reconstruction of Peck Street in Minden will cost much more than Minden Hills township had budgeted for.

The township received three bids on the project which is total reconstruction of Peck Street which runs between Bobcaygeon Road and Anson Street.
While $220000 was budgeted for the work the bids ranged between about $370000 and $545000.

“A cost estimate from the consulting engineer on this project was significantly lower than the bids received” reads a report from roads superintendent Travis Wilson. “A significant difference was found in the cost to place a check valve on the outlet storm sewer pipe. Engineer’s estimate was $800 while the item bid by the contractors ranged from $15000 to $25000. The outlet pipe was designed as concrete due to the close location to the river; with this size of pipe a headwall is required. The lowest bid received for the headwall was $26250. Grading of the project had many challenges for the designer as there was very little room for increasing the height of the road due to the surrounding businesses. This created an issue with height of cover over the proposed storm sewer system. The project was bid with an insulation detail over the entire storm sewer network.  Staff believes this is an additional $30000 and believes there are sections of pipe that may not require the insulation as indicated on the contract drawings.”

“All of the contractors conveyed concern with the fluctuating water levels of the Gull River” the report continues. “Dewatering the site was a large increase in overall cost for the project.”

The recommendation was to go with Royel Paving which had the lowest bid at approximately $370000 and defer a number of other projects to make up the funding.
These include vehicle upgrades an upgrading of broadband Internet at Lutterworth an engineering study on a gravel pit along Bobcaygeon Road and rehabilitation work on the boat launch at the foot of Peck Street.
Including deferred projects there will still be a funding gap of about $20000 on the project.
The township’s roads reserves are getting low forecast to be at about $250000 by the end of the year.

“Roads reserves will be at about a quarter of a million dollars” said treasurer and chief administrative officer Lorrie Blanchard. “And that doesn’t get you much these days.”

Councillors agreed it was imperative to move ahead with the project or at least as many parts of it as possible.
“This is a mess” said Reeve Brent Devolin. “It’s been a mess for a long time. It’s cost and benefits. I think we need to move forward with this as economically as we can.”