/Peripheral Visions at Minden gallery 
Woodcruncher an assemblage piece by Stephen Elliot is one of the works featured in Periperal Visions a juried exhibition through the Ontario Society of Artists showing at the Agnes Jamieson Gallery until May 25. /CHAD INGRAM Staff

Peripheral Visions at Minden gallery 

By Chad Ingram

Minden’s Agnes Jamieson Gallery was packed for the opening of Peripheral Visions the evening of April 5. 
juried exhibition featuring the works of 19 artists from throughout
central and eastern Ontario, including a painting by Haliburton County’s
Carole Finn, the show is a project of the Ontario Society of Artists. 
wanted to say a few words about the title of the show,” artist and
curator Todd Tremeer, who organized the exhibit, told the room. “An
exhibition title, for me, is like an artwork title. It may be a
descriptive label that creates a very narrow reading of a piece of work
or a series, or a title may encourage a more expansive, interpretive
outlook. And, with a title like Peripheral Visions, I was really trying
to think of that sort of open-ended, almost allegorical sort of idea.
What does that mean? What could it mean?” 
the underlying theme of the show is Canadian landscape, “some are
literal, some are more evocative,” Tremeer said of the works, which
manifest in a variety of media. 
Ross, president of the OSA’s executive council told attendees that while
the society tries to support artists and artists’ events throughout the
province, because of the reality of geography and concentration of the
population, it has meant that much of the volunteer-run organization’s
programming has taken place in Toronto. However, the OSA now has an
eastern hub, a northern hub and a western hub. 
whole point of these hubs is to be as inclusive as possible, and to
stretch our limbs as far across the province as we can,” Ross said. The
exhibition includes artists from places such as Stittsville, Ganonque,
Kingston, Peterborough and Maynooth. 
Jamieson Gallery curator Laurie Carmount led an interactive discussion
on avenues for artists, from the church and the monarchy, through to the
Peripheral Visions runs until May 25.