/RTO poses transportation challenge 

RTO poses transportation challenge 

The Rural Transportation Options committee is asking Haliburton County residents to undertake a challenge that will make them think about how heavily reliant they are on their vehicles and how difficult it would be to get around the community without one.

“While there are costs involved in providing public transportation services there are also costs involved in not and we hope to better illuminate this with this exercise” Tina Jackson community transportation project co-ordinator said in an email. “When you think about it at any time our ability to drive may be taken away be it through financial or legal difficulties or a change in our health. What would be the effect on you your family your employer your community if you no longer had a driver’s licence? I am inviting you to take this journey and share your reflections.”

To complete the challenge RTO is asking residents to keep track of every vehicle trip they take and how many kilometres they travel for one week in March.

“Take a moment to reflect on the week” Jackson said. “What would have been your cost if you had had to rely solely on a taxi? (Rate is $2 per kilometre.) Would you have been able to afford to get everywhere you needed to be? Would there have been things that you would not have been able to do or participate in without your own vehicle?”

Participants are asked to then share their experiences by posting their results and thoughts on social media using the hashtag #HaliTransitChallenge or tweeting to @GetARoundHalCy. Those who do not use social media are asked to complete a short survey at https://goo.gl/forms/3dhDxfb4hKwOFwDt2.

Participants are asked to challenge others by tagging people in their social media posts or by forwarding them this link regarding the challenge: www.transportationhaliburtoncounty.ca/challenge.