/Seven win character awards at county schools

Seven win character awards at county schools

Published April 20 2017

Seven giving members of the community are smiling more brightly with the news they’ve been selected to receive a 2016 Character Award from the Trillium Lakelands District School Board.

Michele Coneybeare Janet Hutchinson Bethan McCutcheon Kate Stover and Anna-Marie Mills from Archie Stouffer Elementary School Marianne Greber from Stuart Baker Elementary School and Linda Mintz from Haliburton Highlands Secondary School were announced this month as winners.

Character award winners were nominated by colleagues students parents or community members.

The five winners at ASES represent different roles in the school community. McCutcheon and Stover are volunteers Hutchinson is a custodian Mills is an educational assistant and Coneybeare is the only teacher to win the award from the county.

“Our board is filled with people that demonstrate what it means to be a part of a greater community where positive relationships and student success flourish” said Louise Clodd TLDSB chairperson in a press release.

Linda Mintz won the award for her work through Point in Time at HHSS as a support staff in the learning strategies and mindful martial arts class for the past six years.

“She is certainly a deserving candidate because she has great character and has impacted many students’ lives” said Martin Gage who worked alongside Mintz to pilot the mindful martial arts program at the high school.

“She often goes out of her way to make sure students are taken care of.”

“Linda is a caring and compassionate staff member that goes above the bar to support the students at HHSS” said Dan Marsden HHSS principal.

Marianne Greber won the award for her volunteer work with the breakfast club at Stuart Baker Elementary School. The club helps to ensure that students are well-fed and comfortable in order to learn.

Greber organizes the program from scheduling to shopping to preparing and delivering breakfast snacks.

“She is an integral part of the team” said Peggy Barrette SBES principal.

“She was so humbled. She was grateful but surprised.”

Greber’s reaction matched those of several other award winners who were surprised by their win despite their years of service.

“I know that the award was a big surprise to her” said Gage of Mintz.

“It took her awhile to find out why people were congratulating her.”

The annual award will be given to more than 100 people – including principals custodians educational assistants secretaries and computer technicians at an Evening of Excellence ceremony held in Bracebridge on May 17.

Coneybeare said she is excited to attend with fellow winners who will make the evening a social get-together with dinner first.

“It’s a wonderful celebration of everyone that supports our greater school communities” said Marsden who said he has attended the celebration all but one year.