/Smiling in self-isolation capturing life during a pandemic 

Smiling in self-isolation capturing life during a pandemic 

By Sue Tiffin

A picture is worth a thousand words and the Thorn family has had alittle fun with that concept posing in photos that depict life at homeduring a pandemic.

The Algonquin Highlands-based family of four –Adam Cassie Hayden and Fallon – began participating in an onlineselfie photo challenge on April 2 that ended last week as shelter inplace restrictions around the province began being lifted and peoplestarted heading back to work.

“It was a game set up between ourcamping friends called the COVID Proof of Life” said Cassie. “It waskind of a fun way for everyone – they are spread all over southernOntario we are the furthest north – to keep in touch daily while mostwere working from home or laid off.”

Each family was required to take a selfie fitting a different theme related to staying home during theprovincial lockdown on a daily basis to check in with each other onlinedespite having to be apart.

“We usually get together with them everylong weekend or once a month and with COVID-19 it was very difficultobviously to do this so we set up a fun easy way to stay in contact andhave fun with it”  said Cassie. “…As it started going on everyone got a little more creative and a little sillier. It has been a lot of funto do and the kids have really enjoyed coming up with ideas.”

Eachfamily member has a different favourite photo – Cassie likes the familyspa day photo because of Beretta the dog’s appearance the kids enjoyed the one in which they had their parents tied up – and Cassie said there was sometimes a lot of laughter in getting the perfect picture. Shehopes to have a book made with everyone’s photos as a memory of thistime.