/Solve-All finds solutions for families 
Lisa Hamilton of Point in Time shows a computer that can be donated to a family in need thanks to a partnership between Point in Time and Solve-All Computer and Electronics in Kinmount. /SUE TIFFIN Staff

Solve-All finds solutions for families 

By Sue Tiffin

Published Oct. 26 2017

Paul MacInnes had a bit of a dilemma on his hands.

After the four-year Love Your Lakes program organized through the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Associations (CHA) ended he was left with some decent laptops from the project that had been banged up but with some fine-tuning would be useable.
So he did the same thing he always does when he encounters a computer issue – he went to Jordan Carrier of Solve-All Computers and Electronics in Kinmount.
Carrier had been his go-to computer guy over the past several years – someone to help with purchasing computers fixing them when need be and making sure they ran smoothly.

When MacInnes asked Carrier if he thought it might be a good idea to take the laptops repair them and donate them to charity Carrier said he was on board – but that he had been trying to do just that with few takers.
“Before this time we have been taking in old computers to fix up and re-home with families that can use them but the problem has always been getting the gear to people who actually need them” Carrier told the paper.

MacInnes’s wife Susan had an idea. As a director of the board for Point in Time she thought the computers might benefit both individuals and families using Point in Time services as well as Point in Time programming.
Lisa Hamilton registered early childhood educator manager for Point in Time was enthusiastic about the idea. She said for many students a computer or laptop at home is a necessity for homework and that they can also be used for students who need quiet time during Point in Time’s summer programming. Additionally Carrier can donate cellphones that might be outdated but would still give families or kids without home or cellphones the capability to call 911 in the case of an emergency.
“We’re always looking for anything to be able to help pass on to families we know can use them” said Hamilton. “It’s a really great thoughtful idea.”
The first few computers have already been refurbished by Carrier and distributed to families in need through Point In Time.
“People are pretty excited” said Hamilton. “It’s always exciting when you get a call out of the blue saying there’s an opportunity for your family.”

MacInnes said he’d like to see companies and organizations who regularly update their hardware donate their old but good technology to put it to use.
“I see people taking old computers to the dump and I don’t know what kind of shape they’re in” he said. “If they’re in good shape there are people in our community that can use them.”
He credited Carrier as being a great person to work with as well as an outstanding citizen.
“To me he’s the hero of this story” said MacInnes. “He’s a very busy guy running his own business and here he is saying ‘absolutely I’ll step forward and contribute parts and time.’”

Donations can be dropped off at Solve-All in Kinmount on 4980 Monck Road. At this time donated desktop computers and laptops should be able to be turned on and have Windows Vista (2006 or newer) or Mac operating systems (also 2006 or newer). The program is also looking for working monitors keyboards and mice laptops and cellphones that can be used to dial 911. For more information about donations accepted call Solve-All at 1-844-286-2006.