/Some bridge projects over budget 

Some bridge projects over budget 

The following are brief reports of items discussed during a Sept. 11 meeting of the Haliburton County roads committee.

A number of infrastructure projects on the county’s roster for the year have been completed a few projects going over the amount initially budgeted for them.

“Lots of work was done this is a good time to regroup and see where we are” public works director Craig Douglas told committee members.

Completed projects include work on the Horseshoe Lake bridge Hawk River bridge West Guilford bridge and Gelert bridge as well as surface treatment preservation surfacing and ditch blasting work.

A couple of bridge projects went over budget – work on the Hawk River bridge ended up costing about $100000 while just more than $20000 was initially budgeted and work on the West Guilford bridge is projected to cost $200000 while $120000 was budgeted – but reallocations from surfacing and other work mean the department’s overall budget is still on track for the year.

Replacing guideposts

The county is working to replace numerous broken guideposts along its roadways.

Douglas told committee members there had been about 1450 broken guideposts on county roads and that as of the beginning of the week some 650 of them had been replaced.

“We’ve chipped away” he said. “We’re moving quite quickly to get them done.”

“I have to ask is it our plow drivers knocking them off?” asked Dysart et al Mayor Murray Fearrey.

“Some of them are so old it doesn’t take much [to knock them over]” Douglas said.

Renaming roads

A number of changes are being proposed for the county’s civic addressing bylaw the main one being that going forward the renaming of roads will require permission from the council of the lower-tier municipality in which those roads are located before being approved by the county.

“If it’s a road name change we’re asking that it go through the local jurisdiction” Douglas told committee members.

Minden Hills Mayor Brent Devolin asked that in situations where a road crosses boundaries from one municipality to another if that would mean a name change would require the approval of both councils.

“I think it would” Douglas said. “I’m not sure how else to deal with that.”