/Starry Night for Places for People
Starry Night in Haliburton is a denim Japanese Haori-style jacket embellished with inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night. /Photo submitted

Starry Night for Places for People

Not-for-profit housing organization Places for People along with the YWCA’s HERS women’s shelter both recently received a boost from agroup of fibre art fanatics.

During November’s Fashion Fallies an annual Haliburton-centricfashion show hosted at the Haliburton School of Art + Design a group of local ladies who gather under the banner of the Freeform FibreCollective won an award for one of their pieces. Starry Haliburton Night is a denim Japanese Haori-style jacket embellished with inspirationfrom Vincent Van Gogh famous painting The Starry Night . The group consists of Vicki Sisson Catherine Dennis Jacqui Clarkson Susan Hay and Chris Lynd.

Following the show someone purchased the jacket and the group tooktheir prize money along with the sale money and decided to donate to two local charitable causes. It was the second consecutive year the grouphas done so. Places for People and HERS each received cheques for $225.

– Chad Ingram