/Truck fire extinguished in Minden
A truck fire was extinguished by the Minden Hills fire department at Davis Lake Road and Swinson Road on Nov. 3./Photo submitted by Jacqueline Thompson

Truck fire extinguished in Minden

A fully engulfed pickup truck was the focus of the Minden Hills fire department on Nov. 3.

At 5:30 p.m. that evening, the single vehicle fire on Davis Lake Road and Swinson Road was called in to emergency services.

Eight firefighters with the Minden Hills fire department responded with the pumper/engine, two command pickup trucks and a water tanker.

“The owner of the vehicle was driving at the time the fire occurred,” said Nelson Johnson, fire chief. “He pulled over and tried to extinguish the fire and then called the fire department as soon as he noticed that the fire was not going out. The owner of the truck was outside and away from of the vehicle when we arrived [and] informed the fire department that there was a propane cylinder in the box of the vehicle.”

Firefighters used two handlines to control and extinguish the truck fire and keep the grass and trees from catching fire.

“During the fire there were some tires that exploded from the heat and a few containers that were in the vehicle and box,” Johnson told the Times.

The fire was contained, extinguished and confirmed out at 7:00 p.m., with fire crews leaving the scene at 7:30 pm.

“The volunteers worked hard and controlled the fire right from the beginning, they coordinated as a team and were able to control and extinguish the fire with no injuries,” said Johnson. “The volunteers controlled and extinguished the fire and crews shuttled water from a nearby pond and supplied the engine from a portable drafting tank that they set up.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Minden Hills fire department worked to put out a truck fire on Nov. 3. There were no injuries and the fire was fully extinguished. /Video submitted by Jacqueline Thompson

In the event that your vehicle starts on fire and you’re driving, here’s what you can do to be safe:

· The driver should pull over as quickly as possible.

· The signal should be used while going to a safe location off the road such as the shoulder or rest stop.

· Once the car has stopped, the engine must be turned off.

· Everyone should get out of the car and not return to the burning car for anything.

· Every person should stay at least 30 meters from the burning car and well away from traffic.

· 911 should be called ASAP.

· If you have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it, try and extinguish the fire, only if safe to do so.

If you would like more information please contact your local fire department.