/Two fires south of Minden 
This photo taken on Gull Lake by Greg Narbey in the afternoon on July 11 shows “a fire department helicopter touching down on a rocky outcropping on Gull Lake dropping off firefighters who had just knocked down a fire on Sugar Island” Narbey said.

Two fires south of Minden 

By Chad Ingram

Dry conditions gave way to two fires south of Minden on July 10 which were brought under control during the weekend.

One of those fires occurred on Sugar Island on Gull Lake with firefighters arriving by helicopter on Friday afternoon. The Sugar Island firereached a size of 0.1 hectares and has been extinguished the Ministryof Natural Resources and Forestry confirmed to the Times .
Anotherfire confirmed on the afternoon of July 10 was active along the shoreof West Moore’s Lake north of Norland. That blaze reached size of onehectare and according the MNRF as of July 13 had been brought undercontrol and was no longer spreading.

With precipitation in the area the forest fire hazard as of Monday was low the ministry said. As ofMonday there remained four active wildfires within the MNRF”s Northeast Region all of which were under control or being observed according to the ministry.
A total fire ban – meaning no burning any time of the day – remains in effect across Haliburton County.