/A summer to remember

A summer to remember

By Grace Oborne

As I reflect on how my summer has gone thus far, from the hammock in which I sit in, I look out only to see the sun beaming onto Canning Lake. I can also hear laughter that exhilarates through family and friends, and I think to myself, this has been a summer for the books. I ask myself how it has already been a month. It’s crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun, working hard,  and enjoying life.

I remember my first day of work like it was yesterday. I was so anxious that working for the Echo/Times was going to be way above my knowledge and abilities as student. I was worried that I wasn’t going to succeed at a reporting position, or even worse, that I wasn’t going to enjoy it. Instead, it has been the greatest and most rewarding experience I’ve had in a long time. Working for the Echo/Times has made me realize that being a journalist is something I really want to pursue.
Although I speak highly of how my time in this position has been so far, it hasn’t been perfect every minute of the way, and I mean that my work hasn’t been perfect. Day to day, I get constant feedback on how I can better my writing, reporting, and photography skills. As a journalism student, I feel it is one of the best parts of my job. I’ve been able to take advice from professional journalists and put it toward the material I produce. More than that, I’ll take that new knowledge and apply it to the work I carry out in school.

Within the first two weeks that my work was being published, there had been a few instances where people had reached out just to tell me that my writing is terrible and that I shouldn’t work towards the profession of journalism. Though, at the time, that criticism I received was discouraging, now that I look back on it, those words have really only encouraged me to work harder. I’ve learned that this will happen again throughout my career, but the best way to go about it is to stay positive and move on.

Overall, Haliburton County and its community have been wonderful to work with. Everyone has been so welcoming and engaging. It was hard to walk into a new community, but each and every person I’ve crossed paths with has made it easier. I genuinely become excited for each assignment that I receive because it means I’m able to engage with more individuals in the community. I can’t wait to continue the rest of my time at the Echo/Times and to meet many more of you.

Aside from writing and reporting for the papers, when I’m not working, I spend my time with my boyfriend’s family and friends, or I go back home to visit family and friends. However, more often than not, I choose to stay at the cottage. Why would one want to leave when they wake up every morning to a view of the lake?

My boyfriend and his family have been an amazing support system for me while I’ve been away from my own family. They’ve gone out of their way to make me feel at home as well, and continue to support me and my work every day.
Another reason as to why I love working in Haliburton is because during the week I’m able to write and do what I love, then on my time off, I get to spend time with people I love. Whether that is here on the lake, or back home in the city. Ultimately, between work and family, I’ve been having the best summer.

I look forward to the rest of my time working with the Echo/Times and to making many more memories with friends and family.

Please reach out anytime at grace@haliburtonpress.com if you have a lead on a story or if you just simply want to chat.