/Fundraiser lifted spirits and assisted Rotary

Fundraiser lifted spirits and assisted Rotary

To the Editor,

Thank you so much for allowing me to inform your readers, a couple of issues ago (thank you to the Minden Times for the article and follow up pictures), of my cancer story and invitation to the “Humorous, Cutting Edge, Spirit Lifting Extravaganza” and fundraiser for the Minden Rotary Club. I needed to show that having breast cancer is not a morbid topic. In this day and age breast cancer is beatable.

Yes, this event’s purpose was also to show that the Sunny Rock Bed and Breakfast is alive and well and operating with gusto as always with me in the background for a short time. Thanks to Pat and Jan for being hosting heroes throughout all this.

The friends, colleagues, other cancer survivors and a host of new community friends all showed up Sept. 3 donning funny hats and their spare change etc in hand to donate to Minden Rotary.
What wonderful fun we had seeing the parade of hats people were wearing. The purpose was to share hats that could be examples of how to cover my soon-to-be-bald head. Those who could not attend also sent texts and emails with pictures.

Many stepped up to the mic to tell stories, read letters and poems of support. What a truly rich gift of being roasted and loved. Thank you to all (too many to name) for the very uplifting and ongoing memories and messages of support. Thanks to Eric for mastering the expertise of the PA system.

The cha-cha-ching of cash being poured into the big metal bowl meant hours of rolling coins much later. When all was said and done the rolled coins alone tallied about $1,000 (and 250 pounds). Others brought paper money and cheques. What an incredible, generous community we live in. I remind the reader that all proceeds of the day and matching dollars rang up to a whopping $6,000 for the Minden Rotary. Those who could not attend went to the MindenRotary.ca red donate button also. Many thank yous to everyone for a full afternoon of laughter, ongoing positive energy, fun and games. Thanks Franny, you helped keep our records up to date allowing for thank yous and tax receipts.

Each person was invited to bring two toonies and in the spirit of fundraising I promised that everyone would go home without them. Best of all the mystery game emptied every visitor pocket. Shhhh don’t tell anyone about the Sunny Rock Extravaganza game so we can catch others another time. Some are still wondering what really happened. Special thanks to Maria for being the game master as I sequestered myself on the deck above the game laughing hysterically.
In among the coin clinking was the sound of laughter as the crowd shared a social moment and a little taste of Boshkung Beer on the decks overlooking the Scott’s Dam Falls. Special thanks to Kaz our Boshkung host and to Boshkung Brewery for providing the libation.

Minden Rotary makes some wonderful contributions both locally and internationally and the community should be proud. I encourage you,  if you know a Rotarian, please say thank you to them as they are extraordinary community members volunteering with the simple principle of service above self. You too could be a member if that philosophy sparks an interest. Ask a Rotarian how to participate.

I would like to say a special mention to the anonymous person who left a personal message in my mailbox on Sept. 3. She too had gone through what I’m going through and the note shared many serious messages and personal anecdotes of her experience. I truly thank you for being so open and positively charged. It leaves me with an optimism and a purpose to help others as you have for me. One anecdote that left me giggling even to this day. “As women we spend our lifetime and a great deal of money considering how to wear our hair and style it. Truly I never once considered bald.”

Those who stayed around to the end of the event witnessed and had a front row seat for my deep rooted shave and the start of my health recovery journey…being bald.
To everyone in my “life and community bubble” of encouragement and support I personally thank you and I send (if I could) to each one of you warm wrap around hugs!

Sally Moore
Minden Hills