/Primary concern size of setbacks

Primary concern size of setbacks

To the Editor,

Re: County to post FAQs for public

I read with interest your article.

Following this issue since it lately came to my attention, it strikes me that the property owners might need to create a website and post a FAQ as council seems to suffer from a misunderstanding.  Perhaps there has been miscommunication. If only council understood the issues better then maybe they would change their minds.

The primary concern of most property owners is that there is no need for a 30-metre setback.  Property owners of lake front property do not want to cede control over their property to municipalities.
If the council were to produce a FAQ, I would like it to contain science and information about what lakes are at risk in our county. Where are the algae blooms?

The Gull Lake Cottagers’ Association has been conducting periodic lake health studies for years. The property owners on Gull Lake are very concerned about lake health. I have been coming here since 1992 and the lake health has shown no deterioration. We are a downstream lake. Maybe there are lakes in other catchment basins that have different issues. For Gull Lake, my conclusion is that a bylaw eliminating my right and control over most of my property  (the first 100 feet back from shore) is unnecessary and a very large over-reach.  (I am also not sure it is legal but that is another issue.)

Better engagement of property owners affected and some listening on the part of council might help.

Charles Flaherty
Gull Lake