/The facts on Frost

The facts on Frost

To the Editor,

Doubtless there will be ongoing discussions regarding the disposition of the Frost Centre lands.

Established by Conservative premier Leslie M. Frost, the centre pioneered conservation and the promotion of the natural environment. It became a model for training forest rangers and conservation officers.
Let’s not cloud the facts, or forget who shut down this facility. It was the Liberal government of premier Dalton McGuinty!

What became of the archive of displays and historic materials was never explained. In the subsequent efforts to reverse the action, and secure answers from the McGuinty government, Laurie Scott was a leading player, along with many others, including former warden Bill Davis.
It would be a disservice to the facts, and the legacy of the centre to suggest that all of Leslie Frost’s “successors” were complicit in this shameful action!

Russ Wunker
Miners’ Bay