/Time to revisit airport funding

Time to revisit airport funding

To the Editor,

Re: “Dailloux pitches sale of Stanhope Airport,” Minden Times, Sept. 9, 2020

If the airport is ever sold it will never be used as an airport because it is clearly not an economically viable business. A $100,000 loss per year is pretty steep to provide a facility for the occasional recreational pilot. For the township to continue to maintain the airport the function of the Ministry of Natural Resources at the site would need to be vital enough to justify it. Before you know it you have burned through enough town money to build a new swimming pool and you know that facility would actually be used by quite a large number of residents. It’s seven years since the last marketing study was done. Sometimes a business decision needs to be made to stop throwing good money after bad and it is too easy to let taxpayer money to drain away for another year hoping for some miracle to happen that is never going to arrive.

Larry Bukta