/White Water Preserve unisghtly

White Water Preserve unisghtly

To the Editor

When will the Minden White Water Preserve on the Gull River by Horseshoe Lake Road return to its former appearance? Construction of one half of the dam has left this scenic attraction unsightly. The roadway is still lined with stakes and landscape cloth. The paved road itself is bumpy gravel. The infrastructure installed for the Pan Am Games is crashed and lying crookedly on the shore due to flooding. A heap of rocks is in the parking lot. Who is responsible for fixing everything up? Haliburton County (it’s County Road 20) National Structures the construction company hired by Parks Canada (who re-did the dam) the Minden Wild Water Association the Township of Minden Hills (the manager of Harrington Park)? Apparently none of these partner organizations is taking responsibility to restore this valuable tourist attraction.

Pauline Plooard